This SG-MY BioTech company believes they might have the cure for COVID-19

Biovalence Technologies believes that their drug for effectively curing cat coronavirus in the same family as COVID-19 could also be the same solution

[Written by an writer]

A few days ago, from an overseas friend, I came to know about this cat that happened to be sick, I did a translation, and realised that it is a cat coronavirus (FeCOV), specifically called the Feline Infectious Peritonitis. From what I know from the chat, the friend told me that this virus was incurable just a few years ago, etc, I do not believe this kind of stuff so I went to google my way out etc to see if there are existing cures to this.

There seems to be already cure for this cat coronavirus already, but upon doing more google searches, I found out about this local company that is based in both Singapore and Malaysia called Biovalence Technologies, with an effective drug cure for this cat coronavirus FeCOV called the "Retromad1" (

Upon further reading again, I realised that this cat coronavirus FeCOV FIPV (I may type some wrong things here for the scientific names etc etc) is in the same virus family as SARS-COV-2, the same virus causing the current COVID-19 in humans. And upon even more further reading, I realised this company believes that their Retromad1 may also be the solution for curing COVID-19.

I reached out to them via e-mail, and later on realised that they have also tried contacting local authorities and scientific communities here in Singapore, but have not received any response from any of the authorities so far etc. This screenshot below is directly from 2 e-mails sent from the BioTech company:


With the same info I gathered here yesterday, which I think could be super important if really proven to work in clinical trials etc, which could potentially save more lives, I have also already forwarded the same information I had to several of the cabinet ministers in Singapore via e-mail etc, as well as Ministry of Health Singapore, just to see if somehow their Retromad1 could be approved to be used on real COVID-19 patients to see the effectiveness of the drug etc.

This article is written so that in case my message to the people is missed as well, perhaps at least more people are aware of this Retromad1 being a possibility, and if anyone happened to be a COVID-19 could potentially volunteer to take part to use it etc, if it's legally doable. (Or at least contact the company. I think if you are a COVID-19 semi-severe case patient, maybe you would at least want to give it a shot rather than risking a chance to be in the ICU etc.)

[I am not medically trained so this is not an advice, but it is possible to at least try to get the word out about Retromad1 to the relevant authorities for proper clinical trials etc.]


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