Conglomerate of Sapphiro: Business Structure

Intended organisational structure for Conglomerate of Sapphiro

[As of 01 June 2018]

1. Founder Chen Chun-You Felix owns 100% ownership of Conglomerate of Sapphiro
[registered as sole-proprietorship. To be upgraded to Pte Ltd in future]

2. Conglomerate of Sapphiro owns 100% ownership of Sapphiro TechnologySapphiro Media, Sapphiro Luxury, Sapphiro Internet and Sapphiro Mints.

3. Sapphiro Internet owns 100% ownership of, Sapphiro Payment, Sapphiro Exchange (not built yet), Sapphiro Mall (not built yet), Sapphiro Mart (not built yet), Sapphiro Dictionary (only prototypes built) and (not built yet).

4. Sapphiro Mints will raise its own funds via sale of its initial currency offering over time and re-invest to have stakes in the different initiatives listed above. (e.g. Sapphiro Mints to acquire newly created shares of Sapphiro Payment, Sapphiro Exchange, Sapphiro Mall, Sapphiro Mart and Sapphiro Technology etc)

5. Sapphiro Luxury owns 100% ownership of CY & Co brand (Not created yet), and only the Singapore & Malaysia distributorship rights of hong kong watch brand Timing
( and

6. "Conglomerate of Sapphiro" will also consider creating an online pet game and also go into online video games and animations at a later point in time.

7. "Conglomerate of Sapphiro" will also create a localised singapore website called "Better Singapore Project", meant for Singaporeans/PR as well as non-Singaporeans living in Singapore.

- - - - -

Potential investors can e-mail [email protected] for further discussions.


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