Chen Chun's Philosophy of Life & Balance

I posted this on facebook 7 years ago, Facebook happens to remind me I wrote this.

I logged in Facebook just now, Facebook happens to remind me of what I wrote 7 years ago, which I think is still very relevant today. I'll post it here:

"Life is a balance between short-term fun and long term achievements, nature and technology, people and things, and emotions and logics."

On the light (yang) side, you have the elements "people", "nature", "emotions" and "short-term fun", things that are naturally positively-inclined.

On the dark (yin) side, you have what are deemed important by modern human socety standards ("things", "technology","logic", "long-term achievements"), which are all the direct opposite of the ones on the Yang side. (Nature vs technology. Emotions vs logic. People vs things. Short-term fun vs long-term achievements)

The elements on the Yin side are what are deemed important/crucial in modern human society, but may not define true happiness to individual's overall well-being, although they are important to determine one's societal standing in modern human societies. It is best to have a balance between both the left and right spectrums noted in the chart above.


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