Entrepreneurship is about improving the society

A reminder of what entrepreneurship is really about.

Just earlier just now on my Sunday evening, I had nothing much to do and wanted to take a break from finishing coding my Altairo.com. (This website. I'm still coding the internal features like deleting articles with click of a button, enabling draft modes and so on, etc.)

So I took a break and went out, walked across 2 or 3 neighbourhood streets to get a green tea drink while looking out for new inspirations. Along the way, I crossed paths with 2 individuals with walking difficulties, walking each of their step, slow step by slow step at a time in the quiet streets, in what you would call a snail speed, but definitely not to make fun of them. It's just realistically like this and a reminder that life can be difficult and get more difficult along the way, and that society is definitely far from perfect. But we can improve it in small or big ways.

One of them, is an "uncle" (singapore term) around 50 years old probably with some muscle and psychomotor disability, and the other is a old 80 to 90+ odd years old frail henchback granny walking across the traffic light, crossing only halfway through the traffic road during the entire 25 seconds traffic light duration. Very dangerous. It would be a great idea if automated wheelchair that is currently already available in the market also made available, freely to these people who are likely living alone, but it is not something I can do at personal level. Probably more towards for the government ministries, MSF or MOH or town councils to do something about this. They are doing a lot with the HDB home improvement programmes etc which probably have already helped lots of elderlys for those who are living with their family. But having such a programme to offer free automated, hand-controlled wheel chairs will definitely bring about better safety for these people with movement difficulties who will still have to move about on their own if they are living alone.

On my part, I got reminded that I know someone a few months ago who runs a social enterprise startup at Homage.co, so I made a suggestion to him to consider e-retailing wheelchairs for sale in future. Also in the future, when I start doing e-commerce (I intend to do an "e-commerce mall" website), I'll also probably link up and add such automated wheel chairs for sale without keeping any inventory stock, for those who can afford. And for those who can't, by then I might have the ability to offer some of them free for such genuine case when I see them again next time. I might also co-found a non-profit organisation called "Better Singapore Society" in near future when I have the ability, to complement with the entrepreneurial for-profit ones for the better good of society.

No matter how glamarous big time entrepreneurship may look like in the media, entrepreneurship is ultimately about improving the society in small and big ways. (e.g. quicker food, better food delivery, better contents to entertain people, better communication tools, better mode of transport, better way to recycle used items, easier way of buying things, better internet and health care access etc)

(Pictures for illustrations only, not the same picture for reference. Taken in Singapore and Johor)

Social enterprise should be the thing in near future. More people needs to be helped.
(And nothing wrong to gain financially for the values added to society while doing so.)

Feel free to contact me if any one of you are also keen to contribute any guest articles!


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Chen Chun-You is the founder and creator of Altairo.com. Being a technopreneur himself, he writes some articles for fun during his free time.
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