The Sapphiro Roadmap and Guidelines

Future roadmap and guidelines for Sapphiro companies

It's 5:58 am right now as I'm typing this. A short update on my work, I'll be typing out a small list of guidelines and a roadmap for future Sapphiro companies to follow. A lot of things are still conceptual and I don't know if they will work, but it's better to have some guidelines planned out better than having nothing at all.

As of right now, I've also updated a few sub websites on my properly to reflect some of the things that I intend to actually do.

Officially it will be called "Conglomerate of Sapphiro", and just "Sapphiro" in short, with the management team to be informally called "Sapphiro Group", the official website address will be

The concept of Conglomerate of Sapphiro will include:

1. Sapphiro Technology: Dealing with web and app development, may branch out to robotics
2. Sapphiro Internet: For supporting ASEAN internet startups
3. Sapphiro Entertainment: For Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia mandarin and english video and audio productions
4. Sapphiro Exchange: Platform for investors to invest in Sapphiro companies
5. Sapphiro Money: Cashless payment gateway for both online and offline payments eventually. Will include sale of non-blockchain on-site limited issued coin currencies tradeable back to SGD/MYR/USD equivalent value within Sapphiro Money's stored value feature.
6. Sapphiro Luxury: For maintaining and managing country distributorships of various luxury and semi luxury and fashion brands in Singapore and Malaysia.
7. For online retailing of brands managed by Sapphiro Luxury as well as other luxury brands looking to collaborate with (items above $50)
8. Similar to but more towards fast consuming goods and faster deliveries. May include food deliveries.
9. Sapphiro Dictionary: Multilingual dictionary and language-learning platform for English, Mandarin and maybe Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia.


10. Subsidiary startup of Sapphiro Internet (Career social network and search engine)
11. Subsidiary startup of Sapphiro Internet (Lookbook social network and magazine)
12. Timing (Singapore & Malaysia): Mid-range watch brand managed by Sapphiro Luxury
13. CY & Co: East Asian-inspired fashion brand selling wallets, slippers, shoes, t-shirts, shades, mugs and novelty items (trophies, gold coins etc)
14. The final solid idea. A GPS-based glocalised multi-user video social network for users to make new genuine friends for real life.
15. (Optional) Sapphiro Post: For delivering parcels on a daily basis around Singapore
16. (Optional) Sapphiro Domains: Domain portfolio-selling website.

For the purpose of stocks purchasing on Sapphiro Exchange, all Sapphiro companies will also have a 4 letter identifier (e.g. SATE, SAIN, SALU, SAMO, ALTR) for easier references. Conglomerate of Sapphiro itself will have "COSA" as its 4 letter identifier.

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As much as possible, Sapphiro companies will follow the guidelines below:

1. Sapphiro companies will operate on a 13 month fixed calendar instead of the typical 12 months calendar format. This is to make things consistent for payouts and month on month comparison with same number of work days per month. 13 months with 28 days each, with the last day not part of any month (called Year Day) and with the extra 13th month inserted between June and July called Sapphiro. This 13 months calendar is also the same as the "Asgard" calendar used in Asgardia micronation. Also called the International Fixed Calendar. Following this for consistency, and for following this we will also not have a "13th month bonus" policy. As long as we do not breach MOM regulations, the payouts will be paid 13 times yearly as well, following this international fixed calendar. (We have a 4 day work week, which means more holidays per year than the 11 public holidays designated by Singapore government. Public holidays will still be public holidays, but instead the work day will shift to another day of the work week)

2. Eventually at a stable stage, Sapphiro companies should operate on a 2-shifts basis, with each shift covering 4 days per week. (Monday to Thursday and Friday to Monday). Each shift can be helm by 2 different deputy chief of operations. (Or 1 Chief of Operations and 1 Deputy Chief of Operations). Further down the path, each day can also be divided into 2 work shifts. Morning shift being 10 am to 4pm (6 hours) and Evening shift from 4pm to 10pm (6 hours). This will effectively make each Sapphiro company operate 7 days per week and total operation hours of 84 hours per week instead of the usual 40 hours work week. (210% as much operating hours but individual working hours only 6 * 4 = 24 hours, 40% less duration compared to the typical 40-hour work week.

3. 4 working days per week, 3 should be in the office with any one of the middle days allowing staffs the freedom to work (as a small team or as a whole team) in external locations, in polytechnic schools or in libraries etc for example. This is so there will be more contact with other young talents in public areas.

4. Each Sapphiro company will make as many investment-taking deals and as consistently as possible. We will take up new investment offers whenever there is a good deal at the correct valuation even when the particular Sapphiro company is not short in funds.

5. Each Sapphiro company will have its own vision and mission and the primary focus will be on progressing towards those two. The philosophy will be to progress to our best on the daily basis. We will not specially crunch numbers just to hit quotas set by VC. Investors and venture capital companies keen to invest in any Sapphiro companies has to understand this policy of ours. This will be for the better long-term good of each Sapphiro company rather than short term burst of energy which may create more future problems such as compromising service or product quality in the longer term). We will follow quotas set by VC, as a general guideline only and only if it's not ridiculous.

6. Conglomerate of Sapphiro's vision is to create a fun, creative and innovative working (and lifestyle/living) environment and as such promotes individuality among everyone willing to support this concept of mine. (Will see people more as friends rather than staffs)

7. At any stage where any of our guidelines or roadmap can be improved, anyone can feel free to suggest to the management team and we may change.

8. All staffs are empowered to make decisions at their level even if there's any conflict with our guidelines as long as they feel it's the right thing to do, with justifications.

9. Whenever employees are feeling exhausted, they should be able to "time out" whenever required. But they will need to inform the project manager or the person involved in managing the teams and get their consent etc. (Only when really needed, then they can stay at work for up to 2 more hours, but depending on situation, if it's really needed they should get a rest, and another person from the "reserved team" to temporarily take over their tasks and responsibilites.)

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All Sapphiro companies mentioned in the lists so far will be initially built by me first, but only web version. Mobile app versions for each of the listed ideas will come only after the idea has been turned into a business.

The initial start-up phase to run them as a company is one of the most difficult.

As much as possible, Sapphiro companies will try to follow the following structure, and recruitment in the same order of precedence:

1. Chief of Group (Group level)
2. Chief of Company (equivalent to CEO)
3. Chief of Recruitment and Relations (for bringing onboard talents to fill the subsequent positions, and for interacting with media and public press releases should there be a need)
4. Chief of Finance (for handling investors enquiries, investment deals [by making deal offers with wealthy individuals, venture capital companies or larger companies], payroll and looking at overall financial numbers.)
5. Chief of Operations (for handling day-to-day company operations and meeting weekly goals)
6. Chief of Marketing & Sales (for crunching out sales numbers to generate revenues)
7. Chief of Technology (for taking over the initial website created by me, and thereafter to be tasked to produce mobile app versions and to maintain both web and app versions. Also tasks to improve user experience on an interval basis and backing up of databases on a daily basis)

* The above is only for management team. Management team may or may not be members of board of directors. All board members will be voted in by shareholders accordingly, except for the Chief of Company and Chief of Operations (so that they can have direct access both to the directors as well as the company employees). The Chief of Company and Chief of Operations are permanent board members. (We may even create a voting app for shareholders to vote for board members etc)

* Chief of Operations is the 4th required position at the company level but actually the 2nd most important after the Chief of Company.

(Signing off at 7:32 am Singapore time. Took 94 minutes to write all these.)


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