A philosophy on life

A simple message of what I think I know

A lot of people don't know what they want. They think they need lots of money at a very young age to look good, but you really don't need own a car, and that house at such a young age.

Many people fall to the trap of looking wealthy, spending money on expensive food for instagram pictures etc, buying branded wallets that's worth more than their current savings. etc.

On the other hand, there are also many people on the opposite end of the spectrum. They live life in a clockwork safe manner without taking any risk in life at all, living each day quietly, staring down at their phones while commuting in public transport etc, living each day the same, without questioning much further, and "knowing their place in society" (or bullshit excuse that they give themselves to not try to attempt anything). Very likely both groups are unhappy. The first one might have anxiety and worries when they meet cashflow problems easily and more consistently. The latter might feel like life has less meanings and hence likely to feel more unemotional about their daily life.

Do not live to impress others and do not live like you live forever, because forever don't exist. One day you're going to die. And when eventually you die, all the money that you have in your bank are not the stuff that matters. Money only comes in handy while you're still alive. It's your experience in experiencing life and the world that counts, and the genuine friendships that you have made and the little time you spent with them while you're still alive that matters.

(For my daily life, slippers is fine.)

We always feel more alive while we're on holidays in other countries, because that's when we are consciously aware that forever do not exist, hence able to really live in the moment. And when you book out of your hotel room, that's when you'll have one last look back into your room for a few seconds, trying to remember the exact scene and the exact experience that you were feeling at that moment, because that's when you know that same experience is not there forever. Other times you'll experience the same emotion of feeling really alive is when there's a death of a loved one or someone you know, or when an overseas friend flies back to his or her own country.

End of the day, don't live life like you live forever, and don't feel the need to impress everyone.
Be nice to people in general and be especially genuine to people you want to know. There are people you naturally do not like and it's okay not to want to know them, but don't offend them either. Try to experience life and the society that's been built instead. This is my simple message.


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Chen Chun-You Felix Tan, based in Singapore
Chen Chun-You is the founder and creator of Altairo.com. Being a technopreneur himself, he writes some articles for fun during his free time.
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